20 July 2006

US Open Golf

Moving this post over from an earlier blog - 20 June 06. I'm just starting off in the blogsphere ...!


Got to feel sorry for Colin Montgomerie! I've never been much of a fan myself - supporting Lee Westwood because of my North Nottinghamshire roots - but you can't help but feel for Monty! To be in with a chance of his first "Major" and then double-bogey the last! Then to see Phil Mickelson do the same!!

It would have been so sweet for Monty to win his first Major in the US of all places - where the crowds have given him such a hard time. Ah well ... Of course he has been going through personal difficulties of late, which in the scheme of things are more important, but I hope this doesn't affect him too badly. It would be great to see him bounce back - again! And lots of very fine golfers have never won a Major - or achieved all that Montgomerie has achieved in the game.

Congrats to Geoff Ogilvy btw! He was gracious in victory.



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