23 November 2006

Mixed weekend - and a refresher course!

A very mixed weekend was last weekend! Some discouragements at church - about which probably the less said the better - but one of the high points was the Service of Admission and Licensing of Readers at the Minster.

Archbishop Sentamu battled laryngitis (if that's how you spell it) to preside and preach. The sermon and the service were both encouraging and challenging - which is as it should be! There's a report here - scroll down to the bottom to read Sentamu's sermon.

I always find such services a good reminder of what I "signed up to" - a kind of "refresher course." It's exactly the same when I attend weddings!! How about this, from the Admission and Licensing:

"Readers have the privilege and responsibility of participating in a ministry whose form reflects the richness of God's gifts to them, affirmed and celebrated by the Church. They are called to care, in public and private ministry, for God's people. They should share, with the clergy alongside whom they serve, a ministry of mutual upbuilding, encouragement and support."

Wow! I need to reflect on that regularly!!

The trouble is that it takes an awful lot of affirmation, mutual upbuilding, encouragement and support to overcome some of the other stuff which we receive from time to time!

But hey, that's just my personality type coming out - and my thin skin!

I think the point is that, (rather than checking for specks of dust in other people's eyes), I need to concentrate on fulfilling my calling: my "privilege and responsibility."

"By the help of God, I will."

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