31 August 2006

Yes (Prime) Minister

Whilst on holiday, I supplemented our Yes Minister DVDs by buying the Yes Prime Minister ones. A bit indulgent, but on the other hand - they are so good!

I was looking for a particular quote on the web and found this excellent fan site:

The Yes (Prime) Minister Files

Looks like there is a lot of interesting material on there!

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28 August 2006

Links from the Edinburgh Fringe

The links to the performances I saw are:

chimeric productions


Theâtre du Sablier

On the Brassens ... page there is information in English and French to download - see "Télécharger ici ... " about half way down.

Also, how 'bout this useful information I just found?!!

Typing French accents on your computer

22 August 2006

Back from holiday

Back from a super holiday in Scotland - first in Oban, then in Edinburgh for the Festival. First time we have been to the Festival - now I understand a little of what the fuss is about!

Saw Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (and was surprised how much I had forgotten of A-Level Hamlet!) and Brassens et la Femme - a musical presentation by a French Company (and was surprised how difficult I found some of it to understand!) But greatly enjoyed both productions!

Also the customary sight-seeing, lazing around and reading. What's more, we are working our way through all 7 Seasons of The West Wing! Wonderful stuff!

Much more to say, but I have some services to prepare and I will only get stressed and irritable if I don't get on with them ...