15 September 2006

Packer People

You may have noticed a link on the right-hand side of the page to the Green Bay Packers' Website. You will not however have noticed any blog entries about the Packers - until now! This is because this season already has all the makings of a truly terrible one, and it's difficult to know where to start with my comments!

A singularly lacklustre pre-season has now been succeeded by the embarassment of a 26-0 home shutout by our greatest rivals, the Chicago Bears, in the regular season opener. The response of General Manager Ted Thompson and his new Head Coach Mike McCarthy has been underwhelming - signing troubled WR Koren Robinson (under threat of an NFL suspension for repeated alcohol abuse), the cutting of FB Vonta Leach, and now the trading of RB Samkon Gado who, despite doing great things last year, had apparently not managed to pick up Coach McCarthy's new blocking scheme.

On his arrival, McCarthy made much of his desire to work with what he called "Packer People". Now, I am all in favour of second chances - even though Robinson is on his (2+n)th chance by now. He may become a reformed character and a key part of the Packers' regeneration. After all, QB Brett Favre himself beat addiction to pain-killers to become one of the truly great ones.

But I am bound to ask, with the cutting of Leach (a model citizen) to make room for Robinson, and now the departure of Gado - for whom no-one (not even Thompson) has an unkind word ... just what exactly do "Packer People" look like?!

It's going to be a very, very long season - and even Ted Thompson may end up feeling the heat.

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