30 November 2006

Naomi Campbell's palate

Did you happen to see recent reports about model Naomi Campbell and her court case? Here is The Independent's report:

Naomi Campbell to negotiate "palatable" community service

"Lawyers for Naomi Campbell, the model accused of assaulting a former maid with a mobile phone, are negotiating with prosecutors in New York in an effort to avoid a trial - and the possibility of a long prison term - in exchange for agreeing to community service.

"But her lawyer insisted that any such task would have to be 'palatable', fund-raising for Aids or cancer research rather than sweeping the streets, as Boy George recently did.

"Were [Ms Campbell] to be found guilty of the allegations made against her, she could technically serve up to seven years in prison and then be deported.

"[Her lawyer] declined to offer any details on how the negotiations were going. He did, however, indicate that he was setting conditions on the kind of community service his client would be prepared to do. Sweeping the streets, for example, would be out of the question."

Is it just me?? Setting conditions?!?!

Perhaps such a statement doesn't sound as outrageous in legal circles as it does to me, but my immediate reaction - not tempered a great deal by the opportunity for mature consideration - is that the authorities should break off any further negotiations and let matters take their course!

I suspect that after a little while in prison, even Ms Campbell's discerning palate might acquire a taste for a little community service!

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