20 December 2006

From the bizarre to the ridiculous

Time to review the England cricket coach Duncan Fletcher's decision to install Geraint Jones as England's wicket keeper for the current Ashes tests against Australia.

You will recall that Mr Fletcher has selected Jones on the basis of his being "the better package" compared to rival Chris Read. By this he means that Jones is the better batsman ... (see previous rant here)

Since I last wrote, England have played 3 and lost 3 in the 5 match series, and hence have lost the Ashes in the shortest possible time. Geraint Jones' scores in these 3 tests have been:

19, 33, 1, 10, 0 and 0 - an average of 10.50.

As such, he actually averages comfortably below spin bowler and No 11 batsman Monty Panesar - who Mr Fletcher also contends can't bat - but there's another (related) story!

It will be interesting to see who Fletcher picks to keep wicket in the next Test. Does Geraint Jones get yet another chance to make some runs? If so, then things really will have gone from the bizarre to the ridiculous!

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