20 February 2007

A Costly Standard

Canon Mark Harris, an Episcopal Priest in the Diocese of Delaware, says however that "the fat is in the fire." He reminds us that the standard is not one set by the Primates, the Lambeth Conference or anyone else ...

The Standard and its costs.

He writes [my emphases]:

"Jesus is Lord as a standard makes everybody nervous, and it sure should make the Primates nervous.

"The Communiqué has many good things in it, and I can only imagine how hard the Primates had to work to cobble something together. But I am sorry to say, I am unmoved by the constant reference to Lambeth 1.10 as 'standard of teaching on human sexuality.' As far as I can tell it says nothing about human sexuality, save to dictate the proper limits of the rubbing together of body parts. I remain unmoved by that as ethics.

"In a world in which the modus operandi is death and destruction we have every reason to wish that people would form covenants between and among themselves for their common welfare and good, honoring and loving one another in ways that are respectful and supportive, and when possible with sensual delight. I am unmoved by the constant rumble that there is this STANDARD. It sits like a millstone around the necks of all of us."

Read the whole piece here.

I state the obvious: we must continue to pray.

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