20 February 2007

Dangerous innovations!

The Primates of the Anglican Communion have concluded their meeting and issued their Communiqué. Because I am "a bear of very little brain" (especially in such matters as these!) I have not begun to digest the text or its implications, but I did notice one particular phrase.

Paragraph 10 of the Communiqué speaks of the "two threats to our common life" identified in the Windsor Report -

"certain developments in the life and ministry of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada which challenged the standard of teaching on human sexuality", and

"cross-boundary interventions" in the life of those Provinces.

It then explains that:

"the cross-boundary interventions arose from a deep concern for the welfare of Anglicans in the face of innovation." [My emphasis].

That's what got me!

Innovation in the church - whatever next?!

We now have official confirmation - at the highest level - that innovation causes deep concern for the welfare of Anglicans!

It's probably just me, but I wouldn't have thought that the outbreak of rampant innovation was all that much of a danger in the Anglican Church!

One of my favourite events in the life of the Church is when Peter is asked to go to the house of Cornelius the centurion in Acts 10. I am bound to observe that if Peter had not responded positively to God's will for innovation, then there would be no Anglican Communion!

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