19 September 2007

Catching up - again!

Well now ... what happened to August, you might reasonably ask?! The answer is - as you might guess - that we were on holiday for part of it. But we have been back for almost exactly a month now! And no blog posts.

We had a really lovely holiday in South West Ireland - the Dingle Peninsula - which I would certainly recommend. Who knows, I might even post some photos eventually. But it does seem to have been very busy since we got home. Hence I have an excuse for the lack of postings - to be taken alongside the usual excuse, of course - that I'm not very good at keeping up!

I have taken services in a few of the local churches I don't normally get to - a combination of holiday cover and a vacancy in a group of parishes in our Deanery. I quite like the opportunity to worship elsewhere from time to time - I don't feel the mild to moderate terror I used to, though those who know me will readily attest that I like my familiar routines! And people generally seem very accepting of me, which is both nice and an encouragement.

This week I get to preach in our own churches for the first time in a while - which is good from my point of view, whatever the regulars might think ;-)

So that's the story to date - holidays and work. But there is one other thing I just thought, which will be the subject of my next post ... [Bet you can't guess what it will be!]

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