11 September 2009

Dormant blog

I was reminded by a friend that I have this blog! He was gracious enough to comment that I am posting more often than I did - but whilst he is kind, I fear he is not very accurate! It's not that I have stopped "just thinking" - Descartes had a thing or too to say about that! But the fact remains, I am not blogging.

Not quite sure why this is. Perhaps if I don't capture and publish the thought, the moment passes. Perhaps my personality is such that I really want to polish and hone my contributions - and so they never happen. Perhaps I am essentially too private, or feel myself too busy? (I say "feel" because I have many friends (and indeed, a wife!) who are far more busy, and yet far more effective than I am!

I am micro-blogging on
Twitter. Clearly 140 characters defy any attempt at polishing! But what to do with this blog?

My usual solution to anything is "must try harder". But maybe one way forward is to post the stuff I am writing - my sermons. I'm rather reticent about this, but hey - if I am actually speaking them out in public, then maybe they ought to go on here? I would hesitate to imagine that the audience for my spoken or written words is all that big!!

So, let's see how that goes?! (Probably wise not to hold your breath just yet!)

By the way, have I mentioned how Chris Read's batting average is 2nd in the country at the moment? Thought not! How unlike me, don't you think?!

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