29 January 2009

Packer People

I spent some time this afternoon doing something I could never have imagined not so many years ago. “Back in the day …”, that is when I was a lot younger than I am now, speaking to someone “abroad” on the telephone was difficult and expensive! The lines were often poor and, all in all, there was just too much cost and effort involved. Yet today – through the wonders of Skype – I’ve been chatting to a guy from Dubuque, Iowa, who is actually a very familiar voice – Ross Janes.

Ross and his friend Wes produce an excellent podcast called Packershow – and many of us Packer fans listen every week to their extremely informed, sometimes controversial, always entertaining views about the Green Bay Packers. Ross and Wes are always keen to involve their listeners in the show – one of them, Patrick Castleberg, produces a regular comment piece every week – and so Ross is exploring ways of recording interviews with the Packershow faithful. Hence our conversation today.

Whether my interview comes to anything is by the by. The real joy was talking to Ross about some of the things we share: the Packers, of course, but also our faith and our families and our different, but related lives. In short, Ross is a real class act, and it was a privilege to get to know him a little better! (Ross' blog is
here, by the way.)

The Packershow community is growing – you can find out more at
http://packershow.com/ The shows are available every week during the season, and on other key occasions in the off-season, like before the NFL draft. You can get them from the site, or subscribe using iTunes.

The guys have promised a discussion soon of the impending defensive changes for the Pack, so if (like me) you really need to learn more about the 3-4 defense and who Dom Capers is – tune in to Packershow! Or if you just want to hear some enthusiastic and knowledgeable fans talking about their favourite (favorite!) team - go to

When he was appointed as Head Coach of the Packers, Mike McCarthy talked of his wish to attract to the team not just good players, but “Packer People”. Ross and Wes and Patrick - and so many more new friends – are truly Packer People!

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At 2:24 am, Anonymous Brady Augustine said...

Amen Chris,

I heard these guys and became an avid listener long before I had my own Packer website. Shortly after we started it, I told my brother that this was a quality show and made up of good people...they are Packer People!


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