10 January 2007

A Christian Response?

Ekklesia reports the response of Faithworks leader Revd Malcolm Duncan to the controversy over the Sexual Orientation Regulations. Mr Duncan argues for a truly Christian response - ie one which reflects the love of Jesus. He says

"Christians are called to follow Jesus’ example, and he says remarkably little about sexuality in scripture. Rather, he treats all people he comes across with love and acceptance, and does not refuse his service to anyone, even if he does not agree with their lifestyle."

He concludes

"The proposed SORs are an opportunity for Christians to demonstrate the love and grace of Christ. However, vociferous opposition, a lack of constructive dialogue, and threats of civil disobedience mean that the Church is in danger of sounding homophobic and is doing little to give itself a credible voice." [My emphases.]

The complete report is here, and Mr Duncan's explanation of his position here.

How very refreshing to hear an evangelical voice raised for love and grace, not to mention constructive dialogue. Could it catch on?!

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