21 October 2009

Welcome home Brett?!

Another story to produce a (this time wry) smile is the request by the mayor of Green Bay, Wisconsin for appropriate ways to mark the "homecoming" of former Packers' great Brett Favre.

Having said (many times) that he would never play for anyone else but the Pack, having said (many times) that he was retiring, Favre is due to QB the Pack's despised rivals the Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field in a fortnight.

Two early suggestions are reported on the NFL's website (full story here):

"One suggestion calls for making the world's largest waffle in the shape of No. 4, Favre's jersey number. It's a playful jab at Favre's indecisive approach to retirement.

"One Packers site, cheeseheadtv.com, already has weighed in with a list of suggestions to mark the occasion. Among them: creating a video montage of Favre's interceptions and showing it before the game."

I want to be able to say the Packer Nation responded to Favre's return with class, but the temptation is certainly there ...

"We miss you, Brent!"

I hope the Packers' Defense is preparing its own special welcome!

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